Welcome to COSMO EU Solutions Technology GmbH.

For more than 40 years, we have offered services for leak testing, flow testing, and ring testing (acoustic resonance analysis). Moreover, we distribute comprising equipment from the Cosmo product line. Our services related to leak testing comprise numerous areas of application – from tests in microprocessor technology to the engine block in the automotive industry.

Our solutions consist in designing the environment of the measurement technology. In the process we rely on our many years of experience that we have gained working side by side with our customers.

Our testing solutions are manufactured according to a modular design principle. Width, length and height of the testing room are defined by the product. This room can be adapted without changing the machine technology. The service provided by us fulfils and supersedes all required standards and is of course in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard.

Our trained service employees consult and support you in setting up your installation: from the integration of our devices in existing installations to the rebuilding of complete facilities for your special testing requirements.


Flow Testers – Air Flow Testers

A wide range of flow testers for the measurement of flow rates from 10 mLPM to 500 LPM – the right device for every requirement.



  • For testing leakage behaviour
  • Touch-screen with intuitive operator interface and 32 programmes

Mass Flow Sensor

  • Measurement under different test pressures
  • No temperature or air pressure compensation required
  • Measurement range from 500 mLPM to 500 LPM


  • Measurement range from 10 mLPM to 100 LPM
  • Durable and robust construction without moving parts

Measuring Device Combinations

Laminar-Flow-Sensorr & DF-2820

  • Measurement ranges from 10 mLPM to 500 LPM
  • Measurement with laminar flow pipes that provide high-precision readings of ± 1%.
  • Automatic conversion into standard values
  • LCD display for flow rate, temperature and ambient pressure
  • Wide range of capabilities from component testing to laboratory applications
Laminar-Flow-Sensorr & DF-2820
Laminar-Flow-Sensorr & DF-2820
Mass-Flow-Sensor & DF-231BA
Mass-Flow-Sensor & DF-231BA

Mass-Flow-Sensor & DF-231BA

  • Flow rate gauge with high-speed mass flow sensor
  • No temperature or pressure adjustment required

Laminar-Flow-Sensor & DF-241BA

  • Measurement range from 10 mLPM to 100 LPM
  • Durable and robust construction without moving parts
Laminar-Flow-Sensor & DF-241BA
Laminar-Flow-Sensor & DF-241BA

Flow Rate Testers – Air Flow Testers

Air Flow Testers

  • AF-2220
  • AF-2400

Flow Rate Testers

  • DF-230BA
  • DF-240BA-N

Air-Mass Sensors

  • DF-2820

Test Leaks

A comprising equipment programme provides you with complete solutions from one source.

LM-1C Zubehör
  • Production in Germany
  • Unrivalled price
  • Top-quality materials
  • Traceability documentation
  • Available with various adapters

Equipment for Process Support

Equipment Programme

  • LM-1C
  • QLC Series / LC Series
  • MC Series
  • G3-M/G3-ME
  • BU Series
  • NL-S2 Series
  • PCL−04
  • LMC-110
  • DPI 800P

Valve Technology

The complete valve technology range is developed and produced in-house by Cosmo in Japan.

Bypass Unit (BU-202A)
Bypass Unit (BU-202A)

Bypass Unit

For fill time reduction for components with high filling volume and low test pressure.

External Bleeder Valve

External bleeder valve (G3-M) to reduce the risk of contamination of the measuring cell due to contaminated components.

External Bleeder Valve
External Bleeder Valve
Valve Combinations
Valve Combinations

Valve Combinations

Valves in combinations of two and three, depending on application.

Reference Chambers

Reference volume of the Cosmo range

  • from 50 ml to 5000 ml
  • Special arrangement of inner disks reduces impact of temperature drifts.
Cosmo Super Gel
Cosmo Super Gel

Cosmo Super Gel

Specially developed impermeable materials of the highest quality for leak testing.

Ring Testing Devices

Devices for acoustic resonance analysis for the detection of abnormal sounds.

MV-6000 Movelet Inline Tester
MV-6000 Movelet Inline Tester

Ring Testing Devices


  • MV-6000B
  • MVA-600

Special Installations

Aside from our standard solutions with our modular systems we offer consultation, planning and implementation of complete installations. Our experienced service employees support you with the conception and integration of special installations for your individual testing requirements.

Leak Testing Devices – Air Leak Testers

Our leak testing devices are ideal for the integration in production lines – because only quality testing ensures high-quality products.


Touch-screen with intuitive operator interface

  • Selection between 6 different display options
  • Automatic null balance
  • USB port for test data transfer
  • Automatic compensation of temperature drift
  • Selection between two measuring circuits: intelligent
  • pneumatic circuit I (inner volume 11 ml) intelligent pneumatic circuit II (inner volume 13 ml)


Air Leak Tester LS-R902
Air Leak Tester LS-R902
LS-R 910
LS-R 910


For the testing of two different pressure ranges, e.g. vacuum and high-pressure, in one device


  • Intuitive operator interface
  • Selection between 3 different types of measuring displays
  • USB interface for measurement data transfer
  • Display accuracy ± 2.5% from reading values ± 1 Pa
  • Air leak tester
Air Leaktester LS-R740
Produkt Leaktest LS-R 740


(Volumetric air leak tester)

  • For testing sealed, small components

Parallel Testing

  • Parallel testing of up to 8 components
  • Evaluation of all results via LCD touch-screen
  • Easy connection of pneumatic units to control unit via field bus port
  • Compact design
Differential Pressure Sensor
Differential Pressure Sensor

COSMO Differential Pressure Sensor

  • Specially developed differential pressure sensor
  • Measurement range depending on measuring device: ± 1,000 Pa or ± 10,000 Pa
  • Linearity: ± 0.3% FS
  • High sensibility up to 0.1 Pa
  • Low tare volume of under 0.5 ml
  • Volume alteration rate (depending on model): 0.01 ml/kPa or 0.005 ml/kPa
  • Pressure load up to 5 MPa (standard) or up to 16 MPa (high-pressure edition)

Patented Air Leak Tester Features

  • Patented venting technology
  • Patented performance test of the DPS sensor

Self-monitoring of our leak testers after each measuring cycle

Patented identification of the component volume

Patentierte Bestimmung des Bauteilvolumens

Patented volume measurement

QLC: Extern

  • To determine the equivalent inner volume of the tested component.
  • To be screwed in at the front of the air leak tester.

ALC: integrated

  • To determine the equivalent inner volume of the tested component.
  • Installation in air leak tester as additional option

ALC: Integriert

Patented Mastering

  • Exact leak rate in shorter test time
  • Determination of balance between the pressure differences in the measurement and the temperature effect in the iterative DET process.


Leak Testing Devices – Air Leak Testers

DP Leak Testers

Volume Air Leak Testers

  • LZ-1550
  • LZ-3000

Helium Leak Testing

  • T-Guard

Digital Manometers

  • DM-3501
  • DM-3600

Digital Pressure Measuring Devices

  • DP-340 / DP-340B / DP-340BA

Pressure Transducers

  • PT-105A-A / PT-103B-A
  • PT-161A / PT-162A
  • PT-141C / PT-142B-A